Representative Work

Below are just some of the representative matters in which the Nolan Law Office has helped its clients reach success. Read here about our published cases.


The firm obtained a federal court judgment in the amount of $118,000 on behalf of four cooks and food preparers against a pair of popular near north Mexican eateries and tequila bars. The recovery included back pay for unpaid overtime wages and liquidated or double damages under the FLSA.
Two lawsuits against a Chicago car wash resulted in a total settlement of $725,000. 17 car wash employees joined the lawsuits which alleged the workers were paid below the minimum wage rate for tipped employees in Illinois. The car washers also alleged regularly working more than 40 hours per week, but not receiving overtime pay. The car washers promptly reached early settlements after filing suit.
Represented cooks, bussers, and servers in wide-ranging FLSA and IMWL suit against popular, 24-hour franchise-owned breakfast restaurant. Plaintiffs alleged that Defendants misclassified cooks as salaried-exempt and committed tip credit violations, in addition to other minimum wage and overtime violations. Plaintiffs received a settlement of $275,000.
Represented server in FLSA and IMWL suit for unpaid minimum wages and overtime wages against Chicago restaurant. The server alleged that the restaurant committed numerous tip credit violations and never paid her overtime when she worked more than 40 hours per week. Plaintiff received a settlement of more than $60,000.
Moved to conditionally certify collective action under FLSA on behalf of cooks who alleged that they were not paid overtime at Chicagoland steakhouse chain. Plaintiffs received an early settlement of more than $200,000.
Certified class counsel in Rule 23 class action on behalf of back-of-house employees who were denied overtime wages by Chicago bar and restaurant under FLSA and IMWL. Named Plaintiffs, and other class members, received settlement of $169,000.
Prevailed on summary judgment in multi-Plaintiff suit for overtime wages under the FLSA and IMWL against Chicago bar and restaurant. After final and partial judgments were entered on behalf of two Plaintiffs, the parties reached a favorable settlement in excess of $150,000.
Brought suit on behalf of salesman under Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act for unpaid sales commission. Plaintiff defeated two motions to dismiss, and received settlement of $200,000.
Represented executive in suit under Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act for unpaid earned wages and final compensation. Plaintiff received a settlement of more than $500,000.
Represented three female employees in Title VII sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit against popular Chicagoland banquet facilities and country club. The EEOC filed its own actions against the Defendants for racial discrimination and retaliation. After the cases were consolidated, a Consent Decree was entered against the Defendants for the sum of $690,000.
Represented professional employee in pregnancy discrimination administrative action against her former employer. Plaintiff received a generous settlement prior to filing a lawsuit under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.
Represented employee with serious medical condition in Family Medical Leave Act action who was fired after suffering from the condition and requesting additional leave from work. Plaintiff received a favorable settlement in excess of $100,000.
Brought suit on behalf of employee with bi-polar disorder under Family Medical Leave Act and American Disabilities Act. Plaintiff alleged that he was terminated after suffering episode and disclosing his medical condition. The parties reached an early settlement.

The outcomes described on this website accurately represent selected matters handled by the Nolan Law Office.The success of any lawsuit or settlement depends on the unique circumstances of each case. Nolan Law Office does not guarantee future results based on past successes we have achieved for our clients.