Why Choose Nolan Law Office?

When your work and income are at risk, so is your family's security and your own peace of mind. Your choice of attorney makes a difference to the outcome of your case, and to how you experience the legal process. Here are some of the many reasons Chicago-area clients choose to work with Nolan Law Office for their wage and hour and employment law needs:

Wage & hour and employment law are all we do.

When you spend all your time doing only a few things, it stands to reason that you will do them well. At Nolan Law Office, we devote our entire practice to employment law and wage and hour law. We spend all our time dealing with the intricacies of legal matters like unpaid overtime and unpaid minimum wages, workplace discrimination and harassment, executive compensation, and employment agreements.

With over thirty years of combined experience in employment and wage and hour law, we have the legal knowledge and skill to achieve outstanding results. That's why many of our referrals, and requests for consultation, come from other attorneys who have seen us in action--including attorneys who have gone up against us in the past.

We have clients, not just cases.

When we accept a client in a wage and hour case, we see more than just the facts of a case and the law that applies to it. We see a person with real worries: Will I lose my job for speaking up? How will I support my family? Can I be deported for pursuing my legal rights--and what are my rights? Our employment law clients who have lost their jobs may be worried about the future of their careers, and how litigation will affect them.

Whether we are working with hourly workers or executives, we know that the legal process is stressful, especially when the future seems so uncertain. At Nolan Law Office, we know that our clients need more than our legal skill; they need us to be there for them, to inform them, to answer their questions and to be honest with them. We win cases, but our real focus is on our clients and what they need at every step of the legal process. Our clients are the hardest-working people we know; we feel they deserve our very best efforts.

And because we know finances are a worry for many of our clients, our initial consultation for wage and hour clients is typically at no charge, so there is no risk in learning what their legal rights are.

We don't just have a winning record, we have an exceptional one.

Nolan Law Office is committed to doing exceptional work, and our dedication shows in our our results. In federal court, where most wage and hour cases are brought, we have an extraordinary track record of winning employment cases, and we have never had a wage and hour case dismissed.

We are proud of consistently achieving good outcomes for our clients, and that our clients are always pleased with the resolution of their legal matters. In addition to the referrals we receive from our colleagues, we also receive many referrals from former clients who send their family and friends to us. To have earned our clients' confidence in this way is the best recommendation we could ask for.

Nolan Law Office serves clients in the Chicago area and throughout Northern Illinois. If you have a legal question related to your employment, or if you have been discriminated against or denied pay or benefits to which you believe you're entitled, we invite you to contact Nolan Law Office. We look forward to working with you.